Electricity Go Out Right Before Your Party? 4 Ways To Continue The Party While You Wait For Repairs

Posted on: 30 October 2014

There's never a good time for your electricity to go out. Some times are worse than others, though. For instance, you may be left scrambling for options if your electricity goes out right before guests arrive. If that happens to you, don't send your guests home. Simply call your electrician, like one from PRO-FX Services Inc, and then continue on with your plans. Here are some great ways to incorporate your lack of lights right into the dinner plans.

Create Some Fun With Flashlights

If you planned a casual dinner with family and friends, hand out flashlights to your guests as they arrive. It's always a good idea to keep flashlights on hand for emergency situations. While your flashlights won't light up the whole house, they will provide enough light for you and your guests to enjoy your dinner.

Turn Up The Romance With Candles

No one says that you can't have a romantic dinner for more than two people. If your dinner party was geared towards couples, bring out the candles and fill your home with the gentle ambiance of candle light. Candlelit dinners are the perfect way to enjoy a romantic evening among friends. You might enjoy it so much that you plan more couples candlelit dinners.

Take It Outdoors With Tiki Torches

If your electricity goes out while the weather is warm, you can head outside for a dinner under the stars. Set the table under the stars and light up your tiki torches. One of the benefits of tiki torches is that they can be filled with lamp oil in advance. Keep your tiki torches filled with lamp oil and you'll always be prepared for outdoor dinners.

Have Fun In The Dark

You might think that there's no possible way you could entertain your guests when the electricity is out, but there are lots of activities that you can enjoy with limited light.  You can send the children off to play hide and seek while the adults enjoy pleasant conversation under the stars.

Don't cancel your dinner arrangements just because you have a problem with your electricity. In fact, with a little bit of thought, you can add a bit of fun to your dinner plans. Whether you're having a casual dinner for family, or an intimate gathering for a few of your closet friends, make the most of your lack of electricity. Be sure to keep plenty of flashlights and candles on hand for those unexpected moments when your lights go out.