Getting The Most Out Of Your Heating System Without Spending Too Much

Posted on: 3 November 2014

Have you ever wondered how much you spend each year on heating your home or business? According to the Survey of Household Spending, in 2006, "Canadian households spent an average of $1,895 on electricity, natural gas, and other fuel for heating and cooking" which was slightly more than the cost of maintaining the home itself. In order to decrease this amount of spending, citizens need reliable methods to help lower the cost of electricity while combating the bitterly cold winters.

Listed below are four effective ways to cut costs for house and small business owners throughout Canada.

1. Choose a reliable heating source

While costs vary depending on the region and type of building you live or do business in, natural gas and propane are the most widely used kinds of fuel, which made them relatively affordable. Due to a fluctuation in fuel costs, natural gas, propane, and oil are no longer the cheapest forms of heating fuel. However, it's best to stick with the fuel that is widely available in your region and choose an efficient system that puts that fuel to good use.

2. Make sure your unit works efficiently

An old and outdated unit tends to cost a resident more in the long run than purchasing and installing a new one from a notable HVAC contractor. Today's units can perform more functions at once—such as heating, cooling, and ventilation—and more efficiently than older units. Contact a trusted HVAC contractor in your area that can run tests on your current unit to determine if it's up to par.

3. Properly insulate your home or business

Cracks or open spaces in your home or place of business could be letting cold air in that causes your heating system to work harder to heat the building. Wall and attic insulation and materials such as fiberglass and mineral fiber help to keep the hot air inside. Caulking the small cracks by the windows also contributes to proper insulation.

4. Dress for Warmth

Don't forget to dress in reasonably warm clothing while you are indoors so that you won't have to keep the heat on very high.

Always keep in mind how much it costs to heat your business or home. Review these methods in order to evaluate whether or not you've created a comfortably heated environment that saves money for those in your household or business. For more information, contact a heating contractor like Fred's Plumbing & Heating.