How To Paint A Door

Posted on: 5 November 2014

Doors take a lot of use and abuse, as they are moving parts of a building. Over time, they can become damaged and chipped, and their finish may wear away. If you want to improve how your doors look, you can paint a door to give it a brand new look.

You do not have to remove the door from its hinges to paint it, though you can if you want to. It is easier to mask the doorframe to prevent any paint from getting on the walls than it is to remove the door itself. The doorknob can either be masked or removed. Some doorknobs are easy to remove and reinstall, so it is actually easier to remove it than to mask it. This will depend on the doorknob, but use your best judgement.

What You'll Need

You'll need a wood sealant, a paint roller, a paint brush, and wood finish. These are all available at most hardware stores. When choosing a finish, look for one that is semi-glossy or glossy, as these are durable and easy to clean.

Painting a Flat Door

Painting a flat door is a fairly simple process. Use the paint roller to coat the door, moving from top to bottom. As you roll the finish onto the door, go back over with a paintbrush to remove the stippling that the roller causes. This texture does not look good on doors.

For the edges or underneath the door, use a paintbrush or small foam pad to cover the area. For underneath the door, using a small hand mirror to see what you are painting can make the job much easier.

After applying the first coat, wait at least two hours, and then apply the second coat. Depending on the finish, you may have to add in additional coats until the wood surface is fully covered.

Once the last coat has dried, apply the sealant with a clean brush or roller. Only one coat is necessary. Cover all surfaces of the door, even those that are not painted.

Painting a Paneled Door

A door with panels is more difficult to paint than a flat door because of the raised edges. You cannot use a roller for the panels, and will have to make use of a brush instead.

Paint the top panels first, using a brush and ensuring that you cover the entirety of the surface. Move to the bottom panels after that, using a brush again. Once the panels are painted, use a roller to apply the finish to the rest of the door.

Wait two hours for the first coat to dry, and then apply the second coat in the same manner. Once the door is completely finished, apply the sealant with a brush in the same way you applied the finish, covering all surfaces of the door.