Top Common Toilet Repairs

Posted on: 2 December 2014

If you've ever had a toilet back up and/or not be able to be flushed, you know that's not a problem you want to wait for until polite business hours. It's a situation for an emergency plumbing specialist. You're not alone. The plumbing business in Canada is a six billion dollar industry. Common plumbing situations range include every thing from a clogged toilet to one that won't stop running.

Most common types of toilet repairs

1. The toilet won't flush. A toilet that won't flush means that there's a clog somewhere in the system. If you've tried using a plunger without success, it's time to call a plumbing professional, no matter what time of day it is.

2. The toilet won't stop running. Conversely, a toilet that won't stop running can cost a lot of money in water usage if the problem isn't corrected promptly. A toilet that runs continuously usually means that there's a leak somewhere and/or the flapper needs to be replaced. As a short-term solution, you can turn off the water leading to the toilet and tell your family to use another bathroom until the problem is fixed.

3. Your toilet backs up into the tub or sink. Yuck! This is a messy, smelly problem. However, it doesn't mean that you're a bad housekeeper; it just means that something is clogging the sewage pipe leading out of your house. That could be anything from a tree root to a dead bird to something one of your kids flushed down the toilet other than paper.

4. Your toilet is leaking at the base. A toilet that's leaking water near where the toilet meets the floor is likely a sign that one of the seals needs to be replaced. The typical toilet has five seals. If the one that seals the toilet to the floor is failing, the entire toilet will have to be lifted, the area cleaned and a new seal installed. This isn't a job for the average DIY homeowner. You need a professional.

5. Your toilet flushes by itself. This can be unnerving, but it's a relatively common problem.You hear the toilet flushing even though there's no one near the fixture. This can indicate anything from a small leak to a flapper that's not sealing completely.

Having something go wrong with your toilet is no one's idea of a good time. However, having an emergency plumber available (such as A Rescue Rooter Plumber) to fix that clog, stop the toilet from running and/or to fix unsanitary back-up will get your house back to normal quickly.