3 Reasons To Choose Concrete Over Asphalt For A Driveway

Posted on: 4 December 2014

Whenever someone considers building a new driveway, he or she will inevitably end up trying to decide between asphalt and concrete. While both materials have their uses, concrete has a few advantages that asphalt cannot match. Three reasons to utilize concrete instead of asphalt are heat resistance, strength, and aesthetic appeal.

Heat Resistance

Asphalt suffers from several issues during the hot summer months. One major issue is that hot days can cause the asphalt to actually soften, which can cause the driveway to deform and lose its original shape.

In addition, the dark color of asphalt makes it absorb a lot of heat, so much that it can become quite uncomfortable to walk on. This can be a major issue if you have children that like to play on your driveway.

However, concrete does not suffer from these issues. If you install a light-colored driveway, it can even remain fairly cool throughout the entire summer, and will not suffer from heat deformity or softness.


Another reason to get a concrete driveway is to take advantage of the superior strength of the material. A concrete driveway will be able to withstand constant use by even very large and heavy vehicles, while an asphalt driveway can begin to distort and change shape over time. In fact, large and heavy vehicles can cause the edges of asphalt driveways to begin crumbling if parked near the edge.

Asphalt driveways are also susceptible to damage from plant roots growing up from underneath the driveway. This can cause the asphalt to break apart as the plants surface through the asphalt.

Granted, this can happen with concrete driveways as well,  but it is much less common and requires an existing crack or gap in the driveway to occur. For example, if your driveway was cracked due age or a sharp impact, a plant can use grow up through the crack and cause the damage to spread. However, you can easily avoid this issue by making sure that any cracks are repaired as quickly as possible.

Aesthetic Appeal

Finally, concrete driveways tend to be the most popular choices for those homeowners who are trying to raise their property values. In some cases, the concrete look is so desirable that many homeowner association will only allow concrete driveways in the neighborhood in order to keep home values high.

Speak to a concrete contractor like one from Terimax Construction Inc today in order to discuss installing a concrete driveway. These driveways provide a great amount of strength and heat resistance, while also providing an extra bit of curb appeal to your home.