Making Repairs To Your Asphalt Basketball Court

Posted on: 24 June 2015

If you are on the recreational committee for your neighborhood park, you know the importance in making sure all playground equipment and sporting areas are kept maintained to keep guests safe from injury. Here are some instructions for you to use when doing routine maintenance on your park's basketball court, keeping it looking sharp for those who wish to play a game. 

Do An Assessment

Take a walk on the court to look at the asphalt surface in detail. Asphalt is usually a hardy material, but is will be prone to some cracking and crumbling with regular usage and from weather. Start at one end of the court and walk back and forth looking for any areas that seem to be compromised. 

Work your way to the other end of the court, writing down any areas that are in need of repair inside a notebook. You can use this information to easily find all areas again when you decide to start fixing the flooring. The list will also help you decide how much to spend in supplies.

Fill In Cracks

It is not that difficult to fill in cracked portions of asphalt with the help of rubberized asphalt filler. Start by cleaning the entire basketball court with a pressure washer. Let it dry before starting repair.

Fill each crack or small hole with crushed pieces of gravel. Tamp them into place with the use of a broom handle or putty knife. Push the utensil down into the gravel as far as you can so that it compacts the gravel it into the crevice. Add a bit more gravel and repeat.

Rubberized asphalt filler comes in a tube with a nozzle for injecting the material into the crevice, much like caulk. Place the tube in a caulk gun and squeeze the contents into the crack or hole. After the gravel is covered, use a putty knife to smooth the filler over the crack. Let the filler harden before repainting.

Painting The Court

After the cracks in your asphalt court are filled, repaint the flooring in a pleasing color. Use a measuring tape to mark areas where basketball guidelines should be placed with chalk. Use a basketball court line marking pattern. This is a stenciled template that can be taped into place. Paint the stenciled area using asphalt paint. This comes in a spray form for easy application. Replace your basketball nets with new ones, and enjoy the fresh, new look of the playground's basketball court.

For more information, contact Rubydale Asphalt Works Ltd. or a similar company.