Three Unique Projects To Give Your Outdated Deck A Modern Makeover

Posted on: 29 July 2015

If you have an old deck with treated wood and simple decking, it may be time to give it a modern makeover. You can do things like replace decking with vinyl or metal systems, add new railings and many other things to give your deck more of a contemporary look. If you want to give your deck a new design, here are some things that you can do to make it look more modern:

1. Changing The Treated Wood For More Modern Decking Systems

Treated lumber is one of the most common decking materials used. Today, many other options for decking are more durable and can give your deck more of a contemporary look. Metal and vinyl decking systems can also be dry decking systems that allow you to finish space beneath your deck. Another option is to use lightweight metal and concrete, and then cover the deck surface with a vinyl finish for a unique custom look. Vinyl can come in many colors and patterns that resemble other materials like wood or stone. They can also have a textured finish to make the surface of your deck slip-resistant, which can be good if you have a pool.

2. Adding A Contemporary Style With Glass And Metal Deck Railings

If you have an older deck, you may have simple picket railings. This is something that can easily be changed for more modern contemporary designs. Cable railings can be added to give your deck more of a custom look. If you want to have more of an uninterrupted view from your deck, you may want to use solid glass railings. You can also combine glass and cable railings to give your deck a unique design detail, cable railings can be a great way to blend contemporary designs in with wood features.

3. Adding Finished Space Above Or Beneath The Deck

Another great modern improvement to your deck and be finished space above or beneath your deck. If you use an impermeable decking system, you can make a sunroom or enclosure beneath your porch. This can be done with metal can glass to keep the modern design with the rest of your deck. If you are doing this above the deck, you may want to have an aluminum enclosure built with a contemporary design. This can also be more affordable that conventional wood construction in many cases.

These are some things that you can do to give your deck a modern contemporary style. If you are ready to get started, contact a building materials supplier such as The Cedar Shop Building Materials to get the lumber and other materials you need to give your deck a makeover.