Dealing With Pipe Leaks Using Probe Grouting

Posted on: 2 September 2015

Grouting is an effective and affordable way to seal pipe joints in all types of applications, and it is a viable option for enforcing the structural stability of a pipe network. Unfortunately, it's not invincible, so grouting failures are possible. Usually due to either grout failure or soil erosion problems, they need to be addressed. One of the best ways to repair damage like this is through a reapplication of grout directly to the affected area. If you've discovered damaged pipes that need grouting, here are some things to consider.

Why Does Grout Fail?

Grout failure can happen for many reasons, leading to significant leaks in the infrastructure. Not only can grout seals fail due to poor composition of the grout, but they can also fail as a result of improper application. In either case, here's a look at some options for repairing and restoring the grout condition.

If you're dealing with pipes that have been placed in soil rich with limestone, you may find that there are voids in the soil that could potentially threaten the structural integrity of the property. If there are any joints in the pipes that are weak or have damaged grout, a leak in this type of soil is an invitation for ground water contamination, which then erodes the soil immediately around the pipe.

You should never ignore a leak like this, because the buildup of water could lead to more extensive pipeline damage and ground erosion issues. Additionally, unaddressed cracks in the pipes may even introduce air into the lines, which can disrupt the balance of the system. To address a void safely, probe grouting is a great choice.

How Does Probe Grouting Work?

Probe grouting starts by inserting a small pipe in the ground near where the leak occurred. Then, grout is injected into that pipe where the soil void happens to be. It's usually done with a small camera in the pipe system so that you can see the grouting process along the area where the pipe is cracked. Once the void and crack are sealed with grout, the probe pipe is pulled from the ground.

Why Consider Probe Grouting?

When it comes to repairing cracked pipes and addressing structural issues with soil, the less invasive you can be, the better. Probe grouting is one of the least invasive options available to you. When you use a method like this, you'll get all of the stability without having to dig out a large chunk of the property to expose the pipes in the process.

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