Paving The Way: 4 Benefits Of Angled Parking Spaces

Posted on: 2 December 2015

Planning a parking lot for your business may seem like a simple task, but there are pros and cons to nearly every type of layout. Angled spaces are one of the most popular designs for commercial parking lots, and there are plenty of reasons why. Whether your customers park on the street or in a designated lot, angled spaces are more efficient and look more uniform. Consider these other benefits of angled parking when planning your lot.

Less Space

The primary benefit for angled parking is it requires less space. Perpendicular spaces require two-way traffic down the lanes in order to move in and out of the spots. Angled parking only requires one-way traffic in the lanes. This saves money on paving, which can be extremely expensive regardless of the type of medium you use. With less space used for the actual lot, it creates more room for adding additional lights and landscaping features that might not have been possible with a straight grid.

Maneuverable Spots

Getting in and out of slanted spots is much easier than trying to pull out of a straight parking space. Not only does it require more room to get in and out of a straight spot, a larger vehicle may have a difficult time trying to maneuver around other vehicles and vision around other vehicles is generally more constrained.

Traffic Flow

Because parking in an angled spot requires less effort than a perpendicular spot, traffic often flows more freely within the lot. Less time is spent waiting for someone to align their vehicle or reverse back into the lot of leave.

Increased Safety

Because angled parking spots allow cars to be staggered, it can be easier for a driver to see around the car on either side when backing in and out of the space. Also, doors aren't perfectly aligned with one another, which lessens the chance of hitting someone else's door when entering or existing your vehicle.

Traffic flow in and out of your business is important, especially on days when you are busy. Making it easier for customers to get in and out of your location adds to the shopping experience and keeps them coming back. Angled parking helps achieve that goal. Before putting up your parking lot, it's a good idea to take into consideration your space constraints. Contact a local lot contractor, like Rite Way Paving paving contractors, for more information.