How To Protect A Septic Tank When Your Yard Floods

Posted on: 7 April 2016

Your home's septic tank may be underground, but it can still become damaged during flooding. A seasonal flood can actually damage the entire septic tank and your plumbing in some situations. When your yard starts to flood, you'll have to take a few steps to mitigate the damage.

Watch How Much Water You Use

When your yard is flooded around the septic tank, the soil will be completely saturated. It's very possible that water can leak into your septic tank because of this, especially when access ports are located underground and can be compromised. You should try to limit your water use whenever possible to avoid putting more water in the tank.

Some water saving tips would be to wash dishes by hand in a tub, and pour dirty water outside somewhere away from the septic tank's drain field. Avoid flushing after each time you use the bathroom. If you need to do laundry, take it to a laundromat or dry cleaners for the next couple of days.

Prepare Yourself For A Sewage Back-Up

If your septic tank does start overflowing with water, you'll want to prepare yourself for a sewage back-up. Keep an eye on your toilets, sinks, and bathtubs for potential raw sewage, and be prepared to get rid of the sewage immediately. You can often smell the sewage before you see it, or your toilet will start to gurgle.

Do Not Empty The Septic Tank Right Away

Your initial instinct to deal with a flooded septic tank will most likely be to have it pumped. You should think twice about doing this, because it can run the risk of causing problems. If the surrounding ground is still very saturated, the septic tank could become dislodged once all of the weight is removed from it. The tank may eventually float upward until it reaches the surface. You'll then need to have someone repair the septic tank for you. You can avoid this from happening by waiting until the surface is dry to have the tank pumped.

Schedule A Septic Tank Inspection

It will be difficult for you to tell what kind of damage happened to your septic tank during a flood when investigating on your own. That's why you should schedule a septic tank inspection once the ground dries. Damage can be assessed, and you can come up with a plan of action for fixing it.

For more info about dealing with a septic tank in a flooded drain field, contact a septic tank servicing company in your area, such as Al Heald & Sons Backhoe Service.