Four Ways To Make Your Patio Safer For Your Elderly Loved One

Posted on: 10 June 2015

If you have an older family member who lives with you or comes over to visit often, they you'll want to take appropriate measures to make sure your living space is safe for that person. One of the most important areas to focus on is the patio. Follow these four tips to ensure your patio space is safe for your elderly loved one to spend time on. Make sure a raised patio is completely surrounded by railings.
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Landscape Ideas: Turning Your Backyard Into A Beautiful Private Garden

Posted on: 11 December 2014

Turning the average yard into a romantic and scenic garden starts with unique landscaping.  The best backyard garden includes additions like interlocking pathways and patios, ponds, unique fountains and your favorite foliage. No matter if your backyard is small and pinned in between two neighboring yards or if it is large and sprawling over an entire acre, creating a private garden starts with putting together a landscape plan. Choosing A Focal Point
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3 Tips For Preparing Your Backyard For Summertime Gatherings

Posted on: 9 December 2014

Generally the summertime is full of backyard barbecues and family games, so having a backyard that is well-equipped for these events is a great idea. There are a few different things that you can do to prepare your backyard for all of these fun gatherings with family and friends. This article will include 3 specific tips that will help you to have the best backyard possible for the summertime gatherings. 
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Tips To Save Money On Your Air Conditioner

Posted on: 8 December 2014

When the long, dark and cold days of winter set in, it's hard to think about your air conditioning system. But if you go through and look at how much money you spent last summer on air conditioning, you may want to start preparing and considering ways for you to save money during the upcoming and future cooling seasons. Here are some tips for you to do just that. Program Your Temperature 
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